Too long we had seen customers grow frustrated and tired with receiving a quotation for half the material they requested or a company quoting only for what material they had in stock.

From these frustrations we came up with a simple idea, to supply the Qatar market with a reliable trading partner who can fully support its customers. 

A company that would fully quote an order and be filled with knowledgeable staff who can advise on availability and genuine alternatives to product requests.

This core idea has led us to be a leading supplier in the market.  

Our Mission

Our Team

Our management team have used our first core idea to develop a market leading service model for the industry.

This model along with our teams drive and determination has helped forge the company we are today. An international and experienced team made up of people who have been customers in the Qatari market themselves.

This insight and knowledge allows us to offer opportunities to our clients that are not available anywhere else in Qatar.




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